Our fantastic 1940s butchers cocktail bike can fit into any event space without taking up any room.

We are the first Frizzante Prosecco / Pimms cocktail bar, that is on a bike. We are extremely unique. 


We serve perfectly chilled "Prosecco and Pimms on tap" on our butchers bike so you don't need to worry about storing hundreds of champagne bottles or keeping bottles chilled. 1 keg can do unto 192 glasses.

We have made sure that we are serving the finest Prosecco to our customers, after a lot of research (and drinking) we have teamed up with a local company to give you the best Frizzante on tap.

Frizzante is a type of Prosecco made from a Glera Grape, which is light, fruity and refreshing making it a special drink for all occasions.

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2016 prosecco & pimms butchers bar 

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