Our barrels of Frizzante (Prosecco) and Pimms contain the same delicious product (than in a bottle), but Italian law dictates that Prosecco can only be called 'Prosecco' if it is served from a glass bottle of no more than 3L in volume.  Our prosecco on tap is called Frizzante, which is almost the same in taste, if not better.


Our Frizzante Prosecco is served beautifully chilled in 160ml plastic champagne style flutes, which are fully recyclable.


It is made from 100% Veneto grape from the Veneto region of north east Italy and its characteristics of delicate fizz create a clean and crisp bouquet. Each 20L keg supplies on average 192 glasses and is 11% vol.  

We have 7 delicious Prosecco & Pimms cocktails to choose from, Our speciality is our wild edible Hibiscus flower cocktail which has a rhubarb and raspberry flavour ……. DELICIOUS!!!

Cocktail Menu

The Originals:


  • Frizzante Prosecco - Served with a Strawberry & prosecco gummi sweet

  • Pimms - Served with all the fruit  


Pimp Your Prosecco:

  • Pimms Royale - Pimms & Prosecco mixed with all the fruit 

  • The Classic - Prosecco, sugar cube, angostura bitters, lemon twist

  • The Sunset - Prosecco, orange juice, grenadine 

  • Rossini - Prosecco, strawberry puree 

  • Bellini - Prosecco, white peach puree

  • lycini - Prosecco, Lycée juice

  • Roseante - Frizzante Prosecco, Chambord

  • French 75 - Bloom gin, Fresh lemon juice, Prosecco

The Secret Garden:


  • Wild edible Hibiscus flower (Rhubarb & Raspberry) topped up with Prosecco 

  • G&Fizz - Bloom Gin, Elderflower, Cucumber, Fresh Mint, lemon, Strawberry Topped up with Frizzante Prosecco 


- Strawberry Daiquiri - Lemonade, Fresh Lemon juice, Strawberry puree, with Fruit.

The Sunrise - Lemonade, Orange juice, Grenadine, with Fruit

- Virgin Prosecco - Sparkling Lime & Jasmine


As an additional service we are happy to supply a range of soft drinks, beers and ciders, if requested.

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